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Comments on our recent mailer

"Good Evening!!!! As a non-user of social media.....I was unaware of Dr Harrison’s Facebook post....I want to THANK YOU for blasting this mailing out and having the courage to SPEAK UP!!!!!! Congratulations for exposing this facebook post and showing the true hatred of our new Superintendent. My husbands and my eyes are even more open since both our children are in public school in Redding. Thank you for being the voice for people like me who are worried about speaking up. Tides are changing- and I will start to speak up. Thank you"

"Thank you for taking action on the alarming sentiments of the Superintendent of Schools.  Though I have no children in Region 9 schools, I am always interested in combating these harmful academic and cultural influences.
I have written frequently for American Thinker and suppose that a local published letter would be a suitable starting point for my contributions?

As one example, I recently convinced the Mark Twain Library to add my reading list as counterpoint to their "Resources on Race" web page, a small victory in a very large war.  My additions are qualified as "titles suggested by patrons" and are mixed with thier agenda-driven resources.
The library continues its "progressive" Critical Theory online events in cooperation with the League of Women Voters, so much work remains to be done.  I have commented on this specifically at American Thinker.

Would you please send me the link to Harrison's Facebook post that you reference in your recent flyer?  And please let me know how I might get engaged at this point.

"I got a notice in the mail from your organization regarding Rydell Harrison's outrageous Face Book comments. Please apprise me if others are as outraged by this as I am, and what is being done about this untenable situation in our education system."

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